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About Marmalade Sport

Marmalade Sport is a technology provider to the world of sports, making it easier for the competitors to register and get visibility of the events they are competing in and at the same time, making it easier for administrators to run their respective codes in a connected world.



Mobile Application

The mobile applications come standard with the following features which can be edited via an administrator to keep participants, teams, captains, managers and fans appraised of the status of a league or tournament (or series of leagues or tournaments):

• Information
• Media
• Fixtures – list of fixtures with a satellite confirmed location for ease of locating the site
• Teams
• Results – as calculated by the rules in the database and based on what the official captures
• Registration
• Results capture section - for on the field officials to capture results

Event Registration Portal

The event registration portal comes standard with the following features which can be edited via an administrator to ensure the smooth registration for participants, teams, captains, managers and fans alike.

• Secure Log-In
• Profile Creation and Retention
• Event Information
• Indemnity Acceptance
• Event Payment
• Merchandise Ordering and Payment

Event Organisation

The event organisation service is tailored to the requirement of that specific tournament and can comprise of the following features in any specific combination:

• Event Management – the day-to-day running of the event
• Payment Allocation
• Registration
• Fixtures Creation
• Food Management
• Beverage Management
• Accommodation Management
• Transport Management
• Merchandise Management

Meet our team

Marmalade Sport has a passionate team behind the scenes to try and make this business more like a sport.

Peter Hill Finance and Administration Executive

Connect with Pete

Pete is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for sports and many years of business experience behind his MBA from GIBS.

Chris Maughan Technical Executive

Connect with Chris

Chris brings a view of the technology world to the table through his years of delivering projects across the SA marketplace.

Andy Stofberg Operations Executive

Connect with Andy

Andy’s is the mastermind behind the day-to-day execution of the business strategy and drives the event organisation and app / portal interactions.

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